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Opinions expressed in these forums seem to be divided on the idea of Forman as mayor.

Some emphasize competence and ability - and tout the undoubted financial success of the burgeoning empire of wildlife-related attractions managed by the Audubon Nature Institute, some now sadly depopulated.

Other decry him as representative of the Uptown and/or business establishments and question his judgement or motivations in supporting a third term for Marc Morial and, later, in supporting Ray Nagin's campaign

(Another interesting group, think that Mr Forman's candidacy is merely a tactic to ensure Nagin's election by stealing votes from Landrieu.)

About 'conspiracy' theories that Forman's candidacy is not for a real, a 'spoiler' to ensure Nagin wins:

There is a lot of talk about conspiracies taking place. However, in politics, as in the rest of life, the simple expanation is usually the most correct. Forman's entry into the race may acually signal Nagin's break from his past influences. Actually, his MLK speech might have been the defining moment of that break. It has been rumored that when Nagin broke with the BNOB crowd, they first went to Landrieu to accept their plans. When Mitch turned it down, they started searching and found Forman. No conspiracies. Just a group of individuals looking for someone to support their platform. If you like the BNOB, support Forman. If you don't, look to Landrieu or Nagin.

posted on nola.com by dbigez

Anyone looking for charismatic leadership may be disappointed:

I went to the Alliance for Good Government's meeting tonight. Quite a few candidates showed up to introduce themselves. Three mayoral candidates were there: Forman, Wessel and somebody else. The amount of charisma between the three would barely fill a thimble.

posted on nola.com by riversliver

An interesting take on race and the race

A year ago a black minister said in an interview that the only reason that you have a black mayor is because you have a majority of blacks in the City. He added that if whites were the majority, you'd never see a black mayor again.
Of course white Uptown elites jumped up immediately and shouted the minister down. They said that they would always be the friend of the blacks.

I hope Ron Forman does run for mayor. Peggy Wilson is running, as is Mitch Landrieu. White Uptowners.

If Nagin is the only black candidate this will be a very interesting election. Should Nagin win re-election, and he likely will, by the time he leaves office, four years later, a black majority will return to New Orleans. At that time black leaders will never trust whites again in this City.

I hope these white uptowners know what they are doing.

posted on nola.com by maurepas

And, on a lighter note, this observation:

Anybody got a contact? Ron Forman desperately needs a radical Queer Guy makeover. And what can you do with that schnoz?

posted on nola.com by marcopol
Posted: 2/7/2006  Comments (1)  
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