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Ron Shakes the Money Tree!
Even knowing of Ron Forman's track record as an outstanding fundraiser, his Campaign Contributions Report is still a remarkable document. With 408 donors (vs Mitch Landrieu's 425), Ron has nonetheless succeeded in raising a whopping $1,584,247.00 (as compared to Mitch's $819,550.00). This achievement has been managed largely because all but a tiny fraction of Ron's contributions have been in full $5000 increments, rather than the $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $2000 donations from ordinary citizens that comprise his competitor's war chests.
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Power, Patronage and Politicization
To some observers, one attraction of Ron Forman as a mayoral candidate is that he is "not a politician". This is a dangerous misunderstanding, firstly because New Orleans needs a mayor who is a skilled politician and secondly, because Ron Forman's record amply demonstrates his skill in consolidation and centralization of power, jockeying of influence and allocation of patronage, to name just a few of the political skills that will be important and necessary in our new mayor. No other candidate displays anything like Mr Forman's acumen in these important areas.
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The new mayor of New Orleans will need to have the ability to make unpopular decisions and counter stiff protest if he or she is to push New Orleans forward in the post-Katrina reality.

There are many cases in which Ron Forman has demonstrated his ability to make an unpopular choice and push it through to completion regardless of what the majority opinion might be. Some examples are his support for Marc Morial's third-term initiative and the battles with preservationists over the location of the Aquarium and Insectarium and the commercial development of Audubon Park. The episode of the Rivergate Casino project is also illuminating.

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Forman, Morial and the Third Term
An article from the Times Picayune regarding Forman's support for the initiative to change the City Charter to allow Marc Morial to run for a third term.

Ron Forman's record of giving his support and considerable influence to some of the city's most respected statesmen indicates the sort of political skill that can be expected from him as mayor.
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Ron Shakes the Money Tree!
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Power, Patronage and Politicization
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Forman, Morial and the Third Term
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