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T-P shortchanges Ron again!
Every time the Times-Picayune cites Ron's salary from the Audubon Nature Institute as a mere $300,000 per year, they shortchange his worth, value and skill by hundred's of thousands of dollars! Once again, we'd like to set the record straight, so here is a scan of Ron's Officer's Compensation section from Schedule 8 of the ANI's Form 990's for 2000-2003.

Click on the image to see a larger version.
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Louis Freeman offers a Loving Cup Full o' Money to Ron
Today's Times-Picayune announced local philanthropist Louis Freeman as winner of the TP Loving Cup. Ron Forman's Campaign for Mayor should be counted as one of the latest additions to the long list of causes supported by Freeman generosity, and in this case at least, it is unsurpassed: adding up the $5000 donations of numerous Freemans and Freeman relations, one arrives at the outstanding sum of over $95,000, making Freeman support the largest for Ron's campaign by a very wide margin.
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BNOBC: Clearing the Way
It seems clear that the next mayor of New Orleans is going to have to demonstrate vigor and resolution about post-Katrina recovery, and not let the process of reconstruction be mired in parochial disputes or legal deadlocks.

In particular, adoption of the Bring New Orleans Back Commission's recommendations is likely to produce much dispute and be a test of any mayor's resolution.
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