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The Successful Non-Profit
From modest beginnings as a City Hall liason, Ron Forman has risen to be one of the highest-paid non-profit CEO's in the country.

Rising Star?

1972 - CIty Hall liaison for Audubon Park and Zoo
1973 - Deputy Directory Audubon Zoo
1977 - Executive Director
1980's - Audubon Nature Institute evolves from Friends of the Zoo and assumes operation of the park and zoo.
1989 - Woldenberg River Park opens
1990 - Audubon Aquarium of the Americas opens.
1993 - Audubon Species Survival Center opens on West Bank.
1994 - Louisiana Nature Center becomes member of Audubon Institute 'family'
1995 - IMAX theatre opens

During this period of expansion and undoubted success, Mr Forman's salary as CEO of this non-profit organization rose from around $250,000 in 1993 (source, Times Picayune) to $482,000 in 2003 (source Charity Navigator) making Ron Forman one of the highest-paid non-profit CEO's in the country. In proportion to the relatively modest revenues (at roughly $22 million) of the Audubon Nature Institute, this counts as a remarkable and impressive achievement.

For comparison, $479,000 was the 2004 compensation of Scott Cowen, the President of Tulane University, who sits at the helm of an institution with total revenues in the $700 million range.

The current salary of the Mayor of New Orleans is approximately $110,000.

For more information about how the Audubon Nature Institute compares to other non-profits in terms of revenue and executive salaries, visit this link.
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