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Ron Shakes the Money Tree!
Even knowing of Ron Forman's track record as an outstanding fundraiser, his Campaign Contributions Report is still a remarkable document. With 408 donors (vs Mitch Landrieu's 425), Ron has nonetheless succeeded in raising a whopping $1,584,247.00 (as compared to Mitch's $819,550.00). This achievement has been managed largely because all but a tiny fraction of Ron's contributions have been in full $5000 increments, rather than the $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $2000 donations from ordinary citizens that comprise his competitor's war chests.

Another achievement is that, despite running for Mayor as a Democrat, Ron has raised a tremendous amount of money from Republican donors nationwide, such as $20,000 from Rob Arkley of Eureka, CA, and $40,000 from John Kotts of Houston, TX, to name but a few. Local Republican donors have been even more generous, with the Freeman's contributing $95,000, the Reilly's $45,000, David Voelker $30,000, Daniel Conwill $20,000, the Coleman's $20,000, the Monteleone's $15,000, the Bright's $20,000. Added to sums such as Boysie Bollinger's $50,000, the Gibbs' $45,000, the Oreck's $21,000, the Koerner's $20,000, Jim MacPhaille's $15,000, the Hooper's $14,000, and so on... well, it adds up to a truly remarkable amount of money!

Contributors tied to the oil and gas industries and to maritime interests have donated about $228,500 to Ron's campaign, including $50,000 from various Bollinger Shipyards associates. Ron has raised about $445,000 from donors who aren't even located in New Orleans, including $280,000 from donors elsewhere in Louisiana, and $165,000 from donors located completely outside the state.

Click here for more information on Forman's Campaign Contributors.

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