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Let's pretend that there was a very large financial fiasco at the AI a couple of years ago. Let's also pretend a "crisis manager" was flown in from New York to deal with the situation.. Let's also pretend that this never happened. Now..."that's management!"

Posted by Frank Doodle on 2/23/2006

A number of years ago, a professor from Tulane called me to say two things about Mr. Forman's much-discussed transformation of the Audubon Zoo....

1. Most of those plans were already in place before Mr. Forman was hired, so he gives himself too much credit for these plans, and,

2. Mr. Forman loves to trash the preservationists for being "against improving the zoo", but according to that professor, as with most big public projects, there was much discussion at the time...and many suggestions made by the preservationists that were indeed incorporated, so the zoo improvement turned out to be a better project because the preservationists spoke out. Of course, Mr. Forman gives them no credit for this.

Posted by Nervous Togivename on 2/26/2006

Forman's official website is: www.formanformayor.com

Posted by Tired of Negative Campaigning on 3/2/2006

Volunteer that is I..

What is available to promote this candidate????

Posted by SUZANNE DE BOISBLANC TYLER on 3/2/2006

Can you say "John Moore"? Forman never does, cuz Moore's the Zoo Director who REALLY turned the Zoo around, who Ron got rid of so he could take all the credit! And Ron took Jim Singleton's idea of a downtown aquarium and ran with it; Ron's idea at the time was just to renovate the aquarium at the Zoo... But do you ever see anyone else getting any credit? Nope!

Posted by Tired of Ron's Hype on 3/11/2006

I think it's veeeery telling that only the Forman supporters equate "THE TRUTH" with "negative campaigning"!

Posted by Tired of the Cult of Forman on 3/11/2006

I'd like to know know more about Forman's predessor at the Audubon Zoo, John Moore. I'm told Forman had nothing to do with rescuing the zoo in the mid 1970s--at that time he was actually a 24-year-old political hack, fresh out of college and working in low-level position as the zoo's liason to City Hall. It was largely Moore's doing, along with the help of the Friends of Audubon Park, that transformed the zoo from an "animal ghetto." Forman had nothing to do with it.

It's rumored Moore was ousted under cloudy circumstances, and Forman quickly stepped in to fill his shoes -- taking full credit for Moore's work. Forman's been doing it ever since, so much so that many New Orleanians today actually believe it's true. But Forman was way too young in the mid 1970s to have done what he claims to have done. So why hasn't anyone brought this obvious "Big Lie" to light? Why can't anybody get the truth out about this? Is the Times-Picayune too lazy to read their own back issues?

Posted by via trita on 3/21/2006

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