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First, let me say that I am a black democrat. One of the reasons I WILL vote for Mr. Forman is that he has hired someone like Mr. Kearney. I was a volunteer for a BLACK DEMOCRAT candidate that Mr. Kearney worked for in the past. I have a lot of respect for him. Iím so sorry that you feel the need to use Mr. Kearney as a negative because you are simply wrong. You posted this website without using your name, so you can say whatever lies you want. I think his involvement shows Mr. Formanís ability to bring people together (both democrats and republicans). It is nice to see people just get along.

Posted by Cedric on 2/23/2006

I agree that Mr Forman "brings people together" and "gets along" very well with anybody, so long as they agree with him! I think part of the problem with Forman is that he is seen as too much of a chameleon, changing his tune to suit those who happen to need suiting at that moment, whether they are democrat or republican, right or wrong. As long as they have money! If they don't have money, and don't agree with him, forget about it!

We need a mayor who can distinguish between the "greater good" for all New Orleanians, and the "greater good" for only his rich supporters. Mr Forman's record just doesn't show a history of looking out for the average citizen, imo. Maybe that's because his job has always been about fundraising, but at what cost, and to what purpose is still my question.

Posted by park lover on 2/24/2006

Cedric...we got your credentials...sure, we all going "get along" as long as we "get along." The Republicans have been so kind and generous to a fault in our time of need that it's only natural we should follow their lead. The Democrats have been kind enough to use this whole mess as an excuse to bash the thin majority. New Orleanians will take care of our own problems in our own lovely fashion. As Mr. Forman knows so well, the only time you can bring the Red and Blue together is when you're sub-contracting.

Posted by Mciahel Duvet on 2/24/2006

These posts are hilarious. You've taken propaganda to a new level....but come on, BLACK DEMOCRAT in all
caps is a bit much don't you think? Why not just put a bunch of pics of Ron hugging African-Americans on the
front page, or cradling a black baby?

Link URL: http://katrenema1.blogspot.com/

Posted by jaybirdo on 2/25/2006

Park Lover- Obviously you are not educated on the credentials of Ron Forman because your name is Park Lover!! I think Ron Forman would make a great mayor and thathe has a great record. I also agree with everyone that he brings the Republicans and the Democrats together.

Posted by Antoine on 3/4/2006

I won't say this is exactly a scientific study, but I noticed an interesting phenenom related to yard signs uptown whilst out walking my dog - related to whether Forman is really a Democrat or a Republican. Has anyone else noticed this:

You see more Forman signs than signs for any other mayoral hopeful, which you would expect because its Uptown and because Forman is spending a lot of money.

You see more Batt signs than signs for any other District A candidate, which you would also expect because he is the incumbant, he's a Republican and its Uptown, and he has the most money to spend.

So far, no surprise.

But what I have noticed is the number of cases where the same house has both a Forman sign and a Batt sign. I have yet to see a Batt sign together with a mayoral sign other than Forman, and I have yet to see a Forman sign with a District A sign other than Batt.

I find this a little surprising, not a single Landrieu/Batt combo, not a single Forman/Midura (say) combo.

We all know Batt is a Republican, he is running as one and he is endorsed by the RNC. Isn't it surprising that his core supporters - the one's committed enough to have a yard sign and not just those that will vote for him at the last minute - seem to also be mostly Forman supporters and vice-versa? What's up with that?

Posted by Poor man's Ed Renwick on 3/23/2006

Reply to "Poor man's Ed Renwick" --

Apparently, you need to get out more than just walking your dog in your Uptown neighborhood. I, too, see many signs both Uptown and in what is left of Lakeview . There are countless Landrieu and Batt signs standing side-by-side. Indeed, your study is not scientific, and it must be nice to be a "poor man" living Uptown. I wouldn't know... I work Uptown, but lost my home on Fleur De Lis in Lakeview.

Your argument is weak.

Posted by Chantal on 3/24/2006

A friend of mine received the e-mail from Jay Batt which slapped all of his opponents. She is not even in his district so she hit the button which says "to unsubscribe..." When she hit the button she received a confirmation which said "You have successfully unsubscribed to Forman for mayor". She was on Forman's email list and was shocked to see he was linked to Batt. Let these two dogs lie with each other and exchange fleas...

Posted by MJS on 4/3/2006

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