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You're references to Rivergate are grossly unfair. I attended the "meet and greet" party for Chist Hemmeter at the auquarium. Sure the project tanked but the food was great!!

Posted by Mark Intime on 2/23/2006

I watched Ron Forman and his top staff openly make fun of sincere "little old ladies" who opposed some of his plans at public hearings for the French Quarter. Mr. Forman and his crowd acted like a bunch of frat boys. I would think a public servant could act more respectful and professional.

Does everyone also recall his famous quote, in which Ron Forman described himself as a "bulldozer with blinders on"? You can look it up. This is not what we need in a Mayor.

Indeed, he spends as much time trying to tear down his opponents as he does the opposing viewpoint.

Posted by Nervous Togivename on 2/26/2006

Was at the same meeting...who says "conservation doesn't pay." Lori Conklin is the worst! Another example of the type of people Ron can attract...do anything they are paid for...make fools ot the local populace, collect tax revenues from the city and bristle at the very suggestion that they are in it for the money...nothing wrong with that...well conceived and executed marketing plan...anyone seen the "fertility bed" at the Species Survival Center?"

Posted by Dominic on 3/10/2006

The editor of this site is both deleting and moving posts in different orders than they have been written. If this is to be a forum for free speech, it should not be manipulated!

Editors note:To date we have only deleted one post, because it was abusive and asinine. We did discover a little bug in our software that caused comment message to come out in a peculiar order but believe we have fixed this.

Posted by What? on 3/11/2006

What happened to the concept of democratic representation? Why tout the ability to force an unpopular decision against majority opinion? Are we asking for a benevolent monarch or a man of the people? Until we dismiss the Constitution and Bill of Rights, I will still support the concept of majority rule with minority protections. Maybe you could change popular opinions rather than ignore them.

Posted by RT on 3/11/2006

RT, What on earth are you talking about?????

Posted by Martha on 3/13/2006

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