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mr foreman,

first, congratulations on your decision to compete in the upcoming new orleans mayoral race scheduled for april 22, 2006. second, i would like to acknowledge how important it is in today's media world, especially as a politician, to connect and interact with constituent entities as well as voters.

the race for mayor in new orleans is one that without a doubt the entire world will be watching. we have developed a web site focused wholly on this race, and intend to offer erach and every candidate an opportunity to participate in the discussions and interact with voters. our position is neutral, as our intentions is simply to provide a forum. new orleanians are poised to make a historical changes in the future of their heritage, and the way the development of the city evolves.

please consider joining us at nolamayor2006.com. we feel it will make an important statement to voters; that you are not hiding, nor afraid to answer to the community in order to become the next mayor of one of the greatest cities in the world. and that you will accomplish great things with the support of your community.

at the very least, if you don't choose to join us (all of the candidates are being invited), please provide a link to our site in your FAVORITES list, as we will no doubt feature your campaign web site in our list of candidate links.

thank you.

Link URL: http://www.nolamayor2006.com

Posted by nolamayor2006.com on 2/20/2006

Mr. Forman, I have read the BBNOC report, and no where do I find any reference to a major economic engine/inovation that will drive the recovery process. Where will we find the capital resources necessary to revive the citie's economy without such an economic engine? It is my belief that a major, regional project could serve such a purpose. For years, there has been talk about the need for a new airport, one that would provide longer runways and allow for larger planes than can currently be accomodated by Armstrong International. What if such an airport were to be constructed in New Orleans East? It could be the kind of ariport that could truly be called "international," bringing in nonstop flights from Europe, Asia, and South America. As a center for international trade and travel, New Orleans needs such an airport. With the development of the Mississippi Gulf Coast into a "Vegas" style destination, such an ariport would be of value to the entire region. Armstrong and Gulfport/Biloxi could still be retained as regional ariports, in much the same way that, in Chicago, Midway serves as the regional airport for OHare. The residents of New Orleans East could be compensated for the acquisition of their property, by offering them pre-Katrinal fair value for that property. The entire project could be funded with tax anticipation revenue. This would hopefully allow the residents of New Orleans East to move back to the area, perhaps west of the industrial canal. We need to remember, that in the early sixties, New Orleans reached a peak population of 600,000 people, with virtually everyone living west of the Industrial Canal. Concentrating the residential population west of the industrial canal would make it easier to maintain the infrastructure, deliver city services and provide for disaster assistance in the event of another catosrophic event. I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Allan Eickelmann

Posted by Allan Eickelmann on 2/23/2006

Allan, you have been fooled. This is NOT Ron's website. This is a site created by his enemies to confuse fine voter's like you.

What kind of person would build a website like this to confuse people?

Posted by John Franks on 2/23/2006

John, you have been fooled. The type of people who built this website are simple, kind, intelligent and honest people who tend to develop a rash when they are within ten feet of a buffoon...so, now you are able to identify the developers...just walk around town and see who starts scratching!!

Posted by Micahel Duvet on 2/24/2006

I wish we had a site like this for every candidate! Hasn't anyone noticed how much real INFORMATION it has? specially in comparison to forman's actual campaign website formanformayor.com? What's up with that?

Posted by Nosy on 2/24/2006

Guess the fine people behind this website still want to stay hidden.

Are they cowards? What are they afraid of? Maybe if they show who they are, the real motivation will become clear.

Posted by James Hoffa on 2/24/2006

I am finding the fact that nearly everyone posts to this blog using a pseudonym rather hilarious. Of course the authors of the site started that, so they can't complain. However the choice of name for some of these commentators is so funny.
For instance

- 'poirot' posts a fake email from register.com that is in such bad English that it really does look Belgian

- 'george bush' posts a nonsensical and unintelligent legal commentary that must have come straight from the White House, or perhaps from Gonzales

- and just now 'James Hoffa' complains that the site authors must be 'cowards'. Well, perhaps they have reason to not want to be known given Forman's reputation as a bully and browbeater - 'James Hoffa' ought to know what can happen when you upset some people!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2/24/2006

What was dat? Hello Kettle, Pot calling!

Posted by anonymous on 2/24/2006

Nice fake website
you may be in serious legal jeopardy

Posted by John Law on 3/2/2006

Forman's official website is: www.formanformayor.com

Posted by Tired of Negative Campaigning on 3/2/2006

oops... had an idiot moment there, and spoke too soon! I had assumed it must be all libel on a site like this, but nope, not a word. Now that I've actually read every word, I couldn;t find anything that wasn't a fact.

Posted by John Law on 3/2/2006

Some background on the actual nature of this website:

A choice quote from the link: "The site uses the same technique -- damning Forman by praising him -- to link him with former Mayor Marc Morial on one hand and prominent Republicans on the other, apparently hoping to alienate him from both anti-Morial white voters and anti-GOP black voters."

So the question: Who are the folks behind this website? KKK members??

Posted by Investigative Reporter on 3/2/2006


Posted by Nosy on 3/2/2006

Wow. John Laws with split personality.
The disingenuousness of this site is self evident.
First John Law quite clearly correct.
Second John Law quite clearly a [obscene]

Posted by [obscene] on 3/2/2006

Good job Mitch, that is one great tourist program you put together.

Ironic how it was pushed back a month to annouce it, after you decide to run for mayor.

If you can afford to run negative websites you can afford your own commercials and not manipulate press releases to get you "face time" on TV.

Posted by Gov. Blenk-o on 3/7/2006

How come when someone questions Mr. F's ability to become Mayor, they are linked to the Landrieu clan...thought both supported tourism...now, everyone knows everyone in it for the $ or they would all have run for Mayor pre-Katrina...they didn't, did they? Greatest Powerball in history!

Posted by Moses D. on 3/10/2006

If you knew Forman like many of us do, you would post anonomously too! Long on vengegence with those who do not agree with him...vindictive, slight-of-hand artist, and a poof-dah to boot. This is a great game and the anti-posters are nuts...well, sorry, not nuts, uninformed...of course unless you pledge blind obedience!

Fair enough...can you imagine this "self made man" in the middle of a real crisis? He'd be in New York trying to "raise funds for the city" when the rest of us drowned! Where was he during the hurricane? Hmmm...AI forever...there are more skeletons in his closet than Lake Lawn. Don't suppose his undying love of the city is linked anywhere to his ten year contract...no, not at all...real go getter...hey...where's Dale Statny is all this?

Posted by Cylus de Bousfous on 3/10/2006

I have tried the audubon Institution, 411, Google, and nowhere can I find the address or phone no. of your campaign headquarters, It should be prominent on this website.as many poeple would like to send or deliver you checks. 504 343 6131, as I would like to get this in your hands before the mon, reporting deadline. BR3

Posted by Boatner Reily on 3/10/2006

Mitch Landrieu: Dead City

Posted by Wake Up People on 3/11/2006

Ray Nagin: Chocolate City
Ron Forman: Plastic City

Posted by Truth in Advertising on 3/11/2006

We could not support Mitch Landrieu, the first time we have not supported a Landrieu in 30 years.

Ron Forman will make an outstanding mayor. One silver lining of Katrina is getting such a qualified individual to lead New Orleans into the future.

Posted by Alliance for Good Government on 3/13/2006

It really bothers me how much money Forman has paid himself as a supposedly "non-profit" CEO, and I am very curious how relevant other people find his salary information in terms of Forman as mayor material. Especially in light of all his questionable associations with politicians in the past. The info came from Charity Navigator and Guidestar, and covers the 5-year period of 1999-2003, which are the most current figures I could find. I can't help but wonder what his 2004 and 2005 salaries were, based on these trends!

1999 Forman Compensation: $ 378,555
2000 Forman Compensation: $ 672,157 (yikes!)
2001 Forman Compensation: $ 409,011
2002 Forman Compensation: $ 448,848 (the ANI had a deficit of $1.5 million in 2002)
2003 Forman Compensation: $ 497,607 (the ANI had a deficit of $6.5 million in 2003)

Maybe these big deficits are why he's jumping ship...? But either way: how can anyone look at this info and look at the man, and think he and the Mayor's office seem like a good combo?

Posted by citizendog on 3/14/2006

This website is a fraud...Forman Rocks! Mitch Landrieu is a fraud. Ron Forman for MAYOR.....RON FORMAN FOR MAYOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by Tony Torres on 4/4/2006

Posted by Read em and weep! on 4/9/2006


Link URL: http://www.nola.com/search/index.ssf?/base/news-2/1144564362275850.xml?nola

Posted by Read em and weep! on 4/9/2006

letter to the TP...
Mr. Forman was given credit for his "vision", but an ultimatum from the AAZPA to improve the conditions for the animals or be shut down, plus a national trend to upgrade zoos that was sweeping the country at the time, were instrumental in the Audubon Zoo's turn-around.

His "vision" involved disregard for the underpaid zoo employees whom he considered "disposable" and his ability to turn the city-owned and operated new money-maker into his "Audubon Institute", with himself installed as CEO and an immediate six-figure salary (higher than our Mayor's - even in the 1980's). With an opportunity to help the city financially, Ron Forman chose instead to serve himself by removing the zoo from the city's revenue.

Ron Forman's self-serving "vision" for his undertakings and disregard for community input is not the same as a "steadiness that would serve New Orleans well"!

Four deputy mayors? Two black and two white? Since Mr. Forman has chosen to designate (divisive) categories - how about Asian and Hispanic?

He wants to "travel the country" to promote the city? Then maybe he should use some of his own abundant income to show his concern for New Orleans and let someone who can be and wants to be mayor serve, not four appointed deputy-mayors and a fund-raiser.

Posted by Pam on 4/9/2006

This guy doesn't like Ron, and he has some good points why: http://ashleymorris.typepad.com/ashley_morris_the_blog/2006/04/preposterous.html

Link URL: Preposterous

Posted by Richard on 4/17/2006

I hope this is not too late, but I checked online about candidates assessments and Mitch Landrieu paid over $500,000 for his home a few years ago and it is currently assessed at around $53,000. Unbelievable.

Posted by Sherry Gilchrist on 4/21/2006

Sherry, you need to learn how to interpret the data before you go carrying on with such nonsense. According to the City of NO property database, Mitch Landrieu paid $447,200 for his house in 1999, and its current assessment value is $413,400, meaning it's assessed at $41,340, or 10%. That's the way it's done here. For comparison, Ron Forman's house was purchased for $350,000 in 1992, and is currently valued at $512,300, with assessment thus of $51,230. For a house whose market value is in the $900,000 range.

Posted by If Truth Be Told on 4/21/2006

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