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Though the Editorial Board of www.NOLAFugees.com is nonpartisan, we don't want anyone to
forget that Mr. Forman picked up a key endorsement from our independent Society Columnist,

Link URL: http://www.nolafugees.com/Features/issues/8/cookie%20st%20patricks.html

Posted by Joe Longo, Editor of NOLAFugees.com on 4/13/2006

If you liked Marc Morial, you're going to love Ron Forman!

Posted by Roscoe on 4/21/2006

With Forman in third place with 18,000 votes as of 5:15 PM Central Standard Time
does anyone knowledgeable about Forman have any ideas about whom he will support in the runoff between Landrieu and Nagin. His endorsement is obviously critical!

Posted by Cameron Warner on 5/20/2006

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