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Posted by NOLA girl at heart on 4/3/2006

Oh, thank you. I'm so glad you brought this up!

Honey, I think you must be using Al Gore's calculator because your numbers are a little bit fuzzy.

Yes, Forman's individual contributions might be larger -- but one should certainly note the number of Landrieu donations from out of state. First of all, Landrieu has actually received 426 contributions since Katrina hit (vs. your 425). Let's not forget about the one from the pharmaceutical company Allergan in California for $1,000 on 8/16/05. It was in a previous report.

Don’t know why on Earth you wanted to open this can of worms, but here we go!
The following information was obtained from Mitch's report filed on 3/23/06
OK, let's list these out:

(vs. Forman’s 49)

LANDRIEU has received 210 DONATIONS from people who DO NOT LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS!
They total $385,950 (out of his $820,550).
Things that make you go Hmmmmm….

Posted by I can read campaign finance reports too!!! on 4/3/2006

You say that Landrieu’s war chest is comprised of donations of “$25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, and $2,000” – your exact words.
The actual number of donations in each of the referenced increments:

$25 donations – not even one!
$50 donations – a grand total of 6 (out of 426)
$100 donations – 18 (out of 426)
$500 donations – 49 (out of 426)
Notice the trend???

Posted by NOLA Girl on 4/3/2006

REPLY TO: "I can read campaign finance reports too!!!"

If you are even within a 15% +/- margin of error in your calculations of Landrieu's contributions -- LANDRIEU LOOKS BAD FOR TRYING TO PASS HIMSELF OFF AS "THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE LITTLE GUY"!!!


Posted by Hold on their little buddy! on 4/3/2006

All of the Landrieu and Forman numbers can be verified in their online reports at:

Link URL: http://www.ethics.state.la.us/view.htm

Posted by I can read campaign finance reports too!!! on 4/3/2006

Wow, I just checked out Landrieu's finance report from the link listed above! Who is Mitch's big guy at 100 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica, CA??????? He gave Landrieu $30,000!!! If anyone knows the scoop, please post it!

Posted by Glad I checked out Landrieu's report too! on 4/3/2006

I say "Run Ron Run". I think it's a great thing that our business community has shown so much support for a candidate! We better get down on our knees and pray that those people don't leave our city and/or state! We would be HISTORY!

Posted by GB on 4/3/2006

hmm... is that all you could find? one measly set of six $5000 donations from the same address, 4 of which are clearly labeled "Hertz". Find 20 or 30 more of those, like you see on Forman's report, then maybe you'll finally be saying something interesting!

Plus, whatcha wanna bet it's some Hollywood DEMOCRAT type, huh?

Here's the direct link to Landrieu's report, just to make it easy for people to compare:

And by the way: I will NOT be posting essentially the same message 4 or 5 times, like the previous poster (who really seems to have his knickers in a twist).

Posted by Word on 4/3/2006

Firstly, one MAJOR point the original authors on this subject make is that, while Landrieu's out-of-state support is significant too, it mainly comes from Democrats in DC. You might not like that - the commentator who refers to using "Al Gore's calculator" would presumably not like that Landrieu gets DC democrat's money. But, since Landrieu is running as a Democrat it's not really a surprise!

What is a surprise, and a BIG one - according to the authors of this site, and I agree with them - is that Forman is also running as a Democrat yet gets VERY significant donations from known GOP donors all around the country.

Secondly, I think it's a bad assumption to make that the authors of this site - whoever they are - are Mitch Landrieu supporters. It's quite clear that the reason Forman, Landrieu and Nagin are widely acknowledged as the front-runners is because they are the candidates with the ability to raise a lot of money. Therefore, in shedding some light on Forman's finances the obvious point of comparison is Landrieu.

While a couple of commentators see Landrieu's own figures as some sort of smoking gun, they really are not. Everyone can point left, right and center at this or that contribution but the overall picture is that Forman has raised more than twice as much money (around 1.5m) from the same number of contributors (410, give or take) as Landrieu. While that doesn't mean that Landrieu is having to tap-dance in the quarter for money, it does clearly show Forman's edge with big-money contributors.

Posted by CB on 4/3/2006

It's just so underhanded for Ron Forman to be calling himself a democrat to fool the voters, when the man is clearly a republican, AND ALL HIS SUPPORTERS KNOW THIS! It's disgusting.

Posted by Uptown Dem on 4/3/2006

If this were not a Landrieu site, the comparison would have included Nagin.
Nope! Not buying it!
Everyone knows where this came from.

Posted by NOLA girl at heart on 4/3/2006

Where have you been? Everyone knows that Nagin's campaign has had virtually no donations since Katrina. So what's to compare?

Posted by CB on 4/3/2006

Still not buying it! Even if you're third party, we know who you support: Landrieu, Landrieu, Landrieu!

Posted by NOLA girl at heart on 4/3/2006

Actually, I'm leaning towards Boulet, myself.

Posted by CB on 4/3/2006

No CB, you're wrong.

The ghost editor did not make the point at all that, "while Landrieu's out-of-state support is significant too, it mainly comes from Democrats in DC." Actually -- it doesn't say a single word about where Mitch's contributions came from... only that the majority of them are in small increments (which NOLA Girl disproves).

The last section of this portion of the site is trying to make it look like Forman's money comes from outside of the city. It doesn't say anything about political parties (only the industries the contributors are supposedly "tied to"). We need to make sure that we are giving people the ability to make apples to apples comparisons. If the editor points out how much money came from out of state for Forman, don't you think people need to know where Mitch's money comes from too??? After all, he was the only other candidate mentioned in the "Ron Shakes The Money Tree" section....

Tisk, tisk ,tisk. Let's be fair. ; )

Let's not have sour grapes because your guy can't raise money from the people who feed the economy of New Orleans and Louisiana. Trust me, a huge portion of Ron's war chest would have been sitting with Mitch if Ron had not qualified. You know it, and he does too.

Posted by I can read campaign finance reports too!!! on 4/3/2006

To respond to Nola girl's analysis:

I got curious, so wasted some time on the campaign reports this afternoon, and came up with:

For Landrieu: 312 out of 424 donors were less than $5000 (73.4%), so 26.6% were $5000 donors;
For Forman: 116 out of 408 donors were less than $5000 (28.4%), so 71.6% were $5000 donors.

That seems like a significant difference in type of supporter to me!

Posted by A procrastinator on 4/3/2006

Great response procrastinator! But don't steal my thunder, NOLA Girl did not post the numbers. I did. I think she was merely pointing out something that was falsely stated on this site. I have absolutely no problem with your analysis. It was not the point of my post. And yes, they do not have the same type of supporter. As I stated before, many of Forman's current supporters dumped Landrieu when Forman committed. Go back and read some of Mitch's old reports. It's right three in black and white. I think you'll find a high number of former supporters of Mitch, Mary, and Moon switching over to Ron. Like it or not, people have realized that the Landrieus have had their day, and they blew it. They have done nothing to help this city in THREE DECADES. If Mitch was worth his salt as a Mayoral candidate, he might have won last time he ran.
Mitch might have been in charge of a few campaigns to promote tourism, but that was his job, last time I checked. Congrats for doing the job you were elected to do. Good boy. Wish you were here so that I could pat you on the head.
Bottom line -- This city sells itself... Doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Ron, on the other hand, has tangible accomplishments.
Oh, and I'm glad you consider it a waste of time to educate yourself on the candidates. I did not. I comsider it time well spent. When I go to the polls on April 22, I'll know why I'm pulling the lever for Forman. I've done my homework, and I'm proud of the decision I've made.

Posted by I can read campaign finance reports too!!! on 4/3/2006

Sorry dude... Ron is all about fooling gullible people like you into believing he did things that "no one else" could do. As stated elsewhere on this site, the Times-Picayune, nola.com forums, etc, Ron didn't even get on board at the Zoo until its fabled renaissance had already been funded and begun. He just takes all the credit so consistently that people forget the truth. He's good at that.

But a lot of people know the truth, that even YOU would probably have done just as good a job as Ron had you been given his same resources up front: roughly a third of your revenues guaranteed through taxes (7 million of the ANI's 22 million annual revenues), and the use of some of the most valuable properties in the city. Ron's a magician allright, but mainly at fooling the easily fooled. He's all smoke-n-mirrors and sleight-of-hand, and he's finally taken the dangerous step of falling for his own hype. Why else would someone with so little to offer but lies actually run for public office, where all the world can witness a replay of another fable--"The Emperor's New Clothes"!

Posted by Not a Ron Kool-Aid drinker on 4/3/2006

A friend of mine received the e-mail from Jay Batt which slapped all of his opponents. She is not even in his district so she hit the button which says "to unsubscribe..." When she hit the button she received a confirmation which said "You have successfully unsubscribed to Forman for mayor". She was on Forman's email list and was shocked to see he was linked to Batt. Let these two dogs lie with each other and exchange fleas...

Posted by MJS on 4/3/2006

Gosh..I thought everyone knew that Forman dreams and Dale Stastny tells him what he can and can not do. Of course, that's just an insider's viewpoint..

Posted by Daniel on 4/21/2006

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